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International Biodeterioration
and Biodegradation Symposium

9 - 12 September 2024 | Berlin, Germany

Call for papers

Deadline for submission of abstracts extended to 15 March.

You are cordially invited to contribute to the scientific programme with a lecture or poster.

We look forward to your contributions from research institutions, universities, and industry. New work that is not yet completed, recently started or in the planning stage can also be presented.

Extended deadline for a paper submission is 15 March2024.

You can submit papers for the following topics:

  • A - Biofilms, Biofouling and Corrosion
    A1 - Biological challenges & degradation of materials in aquatic environments
    A2 - Biodeterioration & Biodegradation of cultural heritage
    A3 - Monitoring & Detecting/ Sensoring of Biodeterioration & Biodegradation

  • B - Biological Impact on non-metallic materials, fluids, or gases
    B1 - Biodeterioration of Industrial process fluid and fluid system
    B2 - Microbial impact on traditionally used energy sources
    B3 - Wastewater treatment and resource recovery from wastes

  • C - Sustainability & Renewable energy
    C1 - Renewable energy & biological challenges
    C2 - Bioremediation and green technologies
    C3 - Transformation of environmental pollutants and greenhouse gases

  • D - Novel strategies for the prevention, simulation & identification of organisms related to Biodeterioration & Biodegradation
    D1 - Mitigation of Biodeterioration & Biodegradation
    D2 - Molecular Microbiological Methods - (MMM)
    D3 - AI approach & Simulation

Please prepare an abstract with 1-2 pages (incl. figures, max. size 1 MB, max. 2 pages). The abstract should explicitly mention objectives, new results and conclusions or significance of the work.

  1. Please use the Template to correctly format your contribution and upload it as PDF file.
  2. Enter the author list (author and co-author/s) and affiliations in the same order as in your abstract.
  3. DECHEMA will not make any adjustments regarding the author information. The information will be published as given, so please double-check.


The selection of the contributions will be based on the review of the abstracts by the scientific committee.

Accepted abstracts will be published for all conference participants in a book of abstracts (PDF file).

The congress language is English.

Please note: Registration fee cannot be waived for authors.